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Thanks to Steve the DJ for this autograph!Page 3 of the Sun

Beverley Pilkington from Southend in Essex appeared on the cover of the Top of the Pops albums in the mid seventies, as well as on their 1976 and 1977 calendars. From 1974, she also sometimes appeared on Page 3 of the Sun - these were the days before it was mandatory for the models to remove their tops! (There were half a dozen or so models of the 70s and 80s with similar looks to Bev, so please let me know if you think any of these aren't her.)

from 1975 - note Bev is wearing same elephant motif neckchain on the 1976 calendar below from 1976 from 1976 from 1977
TOTP rival from 1979 On the cover of yet another album Best of James Last - this is the LP cover, click for the cassette box set cover Best of James Last, the only album in the boxed set featuring Bev - click for the cassette cover on which her dancing partner gets cropped out!
Back in time volume 4 One of the two best album covers of all time - Roy Etzel's 20 Super-Hits Especial Vacaciones Another Roy Etzel album - a double LP, click for the gatefold picture (same shot though) inside
Digno Garcia LP Smoovin by the Martyn Ford Orchestra South African LP Euro hits volume 8 - the other of the 2 best album covers ever!
Another Euro hits Hot Hits 79 - not part of the British mfp series! Spanish LP
Dutch LP, thanks to Steve for straightening out the picture Spanish cassette Seven inch single Spanish cassette, similar pic to Lib cover
Same fantastic pic as different LP above
Japanese album of Hawaiian karaoke - sadly currently there's no bigger picture to click to

Beverley on television looking absolutely stunning at the 1980 British Rock and Pop Awards, transmitted on 25th February 1981, assisting Dave Lee Travis.


Many thanks to the visitors to this site who have sent me pictures.

A monochrome picture of Bev Poster in its entirety from the back of Best of TOTP 1975 Bev was Miss June 1975 on the very first of the Sun's Page 3 calendars. The pages were very big, so it's a composite of three scans as you will see! The thumbnail (bigger than it appears on the page) is a facsimile of the newspaper version as printed on the bottom of the calendar. Cover of Wochenend This looks like Bev in bed with a fella in this Plumbs quilts ad from 1976! Although not on the cover of the Best of TOTP 76 LP, Bev was also the TOTP 1977 calendar girl. Thumbnail saves bigger than appears here - main picture is a composite of several scans. Cover of Wochenend With DLT at the Rock and Pop Awards
With DJ Emperor Rosko On cover of Praline, a German magazine in the late 70's. Same bikini as worn on TOTP 1976 calendar. Thumbnail isn't from the same issue as the main scan, but the picture is identical, merely cropped differently! On cover of another issue of Praline in the late 70's. Cover of Neue Revue Thanks to David for this 1980's picture Thanks to David, pictured here, for this 1980's picture Stunning from Wochenend From the Rock and Pop Awards
In a yellow bikini in the sea Bev on the cover of Titbits Summer Special 1976 (I have flipped main picture so that Bev is shown correctly!) .. ..and an appropriately revealing picture inside! Morale boosting visit to the army in 1982 On the cover of a foreign magazine 1977 holiday brochure cover On the cover of Wochenend Presenting Cliff Richard with an award - with Una Stubbs
On cover of an Italian photographic magazine On cover of an Italian photographic magazine With footballer Gerry Francis, Daily Mirror 1975 Morale boosting visit to the army in 1982 From Spanish magazine Diez Minutos in 1975 From Spanish magazine Diez Minutos in 1975. Caption translated says: What's Beverley got under the M? A spot? A burn? From Spanish magazine Diez Minutos in 1975 From the Rock and Pop Awards
On the cover of Weekend magazine Cover of Weekend On the cover of Weekend magazine again! The minuscule cartoon character in the bottom left of the pic appeared on every Weekend cover and was known as Wee Ken (geddit?) Morale boosting visit to the army in 1982 Channel Islands Holiday Brochure Cover Channel Islands Holiday Brochure Cover On cover of an Italian photographic magazine From the Rock and Pop Awards
Cover of Wochenend Cover of Wochenend Cover of Wochenend Cover of Wochenend, very fetching in the blue stripey bikini - but I suspect that this picture has been reversed. Cover of Wochenend, same session as the Weekend cover Photo processing envelope Probably from the Sunday Mirror of 18 July 1976, picture caption: Young head-turner with old boneshaker From the Rock and Pop Awards
Cover of a Spanish magazine Cover of a Spanish magazine Cover of a Spanish magazine Cover of a Spanish magazine Cover of Titbits Article from Titbits - does anyone have further information about the cosmetic commercial referred to? Cover of Wochenend, similar to picture they used above but with the background removed. Presenting David Bowie with an award Pronto - same bikini as on Titbits cover Pronto - same bikini as on a couple of the Page 3 pics Pronto - wrongly spelling her name as in Hills Cover of Weekend Cover of Weekend. Same session as one of the LP covers Beverley in the Daily Mirror with the kind of pose she does best - in a wet top. The only way this picture could be any better would be if it was in colour!
very similar to pic on left! Improved scan May 2010 Cover of Weekend, note Wee Ken bottom left!
Page Three style picture as used by German magazine Sexy in 1974 Thanks to Hoyya of Switzerland for this Improved scan May 2010 Silvia's in focus but Beverley isn't in this Nissan promotional shot
Thanks to Hoyya for this foreign magazine picture. Thanks to Hoyya for this foreign magazine picture. Morale boosting visit to the army in 1982 Morale boosting visit to the army in 1982 On a Big D promotion with darts player John Lowe. From Spanish magazine Diez Minutos in 1975 - EUROPE OR BUST. The typewritten blurb on the back of the original Syndication International press photo (which was published in the Daily Mirror under the title BUSTING OUT FOR EUROPE) reads: MAID FOR EUROPE. The young lady wearing a pretty political comment is Beverley Pilkington. Beverley, a 22-year-old model from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, was giving Londoners a point or two to consider in choosing whether Britain should stay in Europe. It's easy to see where her feelings lie. 20th May 1975. Cover of Weekend - same shoot as holiday brochure Cover of Lib
From Personas magazine Amateur Photographer, May 24 1978 Rare topless picture from a foreign magazine Suzuki ad Tiny part of ad for an article in Reveille With Gerry Francis again With Gerry Francis again
Bev in 1982 holding an oby cartoon I'm afraid that I don't speak Dutch, but the gist of the text, which I think should be taken with a pinch of salt, is that this is one of many bikinis that Beverley knitted herself! From the cover of Spanish magazine Mata Ratos in 1977 This picture was used on the cover of a different edition of Playlady to the one it was printed inside Playlady Playlady Playlady Beverley appeared wearing her striped bikini in the centre pages of the Spanish magazine Playlady in 1976 under her real surname (which appears in my own family tree), but I've amended the caption to her professional name. However I haven't corrected that it's a flipped image.
Magazine cover Personas magazine Personas magazine Spanish pocket calendar for 1977 Miss Jan/Feb on the 1978 Playgirl calendar - obviously unconnected with the similarly named magazine! Another Spanish pocket calendar for 1977 From US magazine National Star in June 1974, it's the same pic as the fourth Page 3 picture above, but flipped.
From a Titbits fashion article From a Titbits fashion article From a Titbits fashion article Thanks to Fleabag Cover of Finnish magazine Bev has minor wardrobe malfunction on this Finnish magazine cover, at least she didn't find herself in Narnia Cover of Italian magazine Cover of a European hifi mag
Down Under - Australasian Post. Two modelling pics - apologies for poor quality Fantastic Spanish 1977 calendar - variant of a Big D poster pic German magazine - original cover will be in colour 1976 Corgi edition of this James Hadley Chase novel features Bev on the front cover 1975 Corgi edition of this James Hadley Chase novel features Bev on the covers Yet another Spanish pocket calendar for 1977!
Newspaper scan Early modelling pic Newspaper scan Newspaper scan Newspaper scan This wet top pic is much sexier than the truly topless poses of other models Fantastic wet top newspaper scan and another - surely it is impossible for a woman to be more attractive than this?
Newspaper scan Newspaper scan Newspaper scan Newspaper scan Yet another Spanish calendar for 1977! Republican version of her name? Cheers Fleabag for scanning this and others Wow!
Fantastic picture Praktica ad Front cover of Praktica mag From back cover of a later edition Praktica ad Spanish book cover German magazine cover
Cover of Emmanuelle, and inset Lib, which used the same picture German magazine cover German magazine cover Thanks to caricaturist Howard O'Brien aka Oby for sending me several fantastic pictures Holding her caricature drawn by Howard, standing next to Chalky White Many thanks to sender of colour version of this garage calendar pic 3rd Royal Tank Regiment's mascot 3RTR Regimental mascot
3RTR Regimental mascot 3RTR Regimental mascot 3RTR Regimental mascot 3RTR Regimental mascot 3RTR Regimental mascot 3RTR Regimental mascot Cover of Australasian Post From inside a different edition of the Aussie Post
Spanish magazine cover Australasian magazine cover Australasian magazine cover Cover of Sexy magazine, very similar shot to that on an Aussie Post
Weekend cover The late Roy Castle finds that it's snow joke Same picture as used on the book cover shown earlier mag cover This excellent Spanish calendar picture belatedly used for 1984 rather than 1977! May 18 1976 MODEL BEVERLEY SHOWS OFF THE LATEST BRIGHTLY COLOURED MARINE SURVIVAL KIT Lovely model Beverley Pilkington shows off the new 1977 colours and designs for the young lady's marine survival kit on board the Hispaniola restaurant ship on the Thames today 1976 paperback book cover Poster on the bottom of which she was named as Samantha - thanks to the visitor who re-proportioned it from the angled shot
California postcard! Mini ad Small pic, another taken in early January 1979, leapfrog in the snow with the late Roy Castle Just a tiny pic in the bottom corner of this Praline cover
Another from the Hispaniola on the Thames Very similar to 2 mag covers appearing above Looking very fetching Photographed by Rob Campbell in Cyprus in May 1978 for the Teacher's Whisky 1979 calendar From Spanish mag Personas Colour pic from same session as previous pic, from cover of Weekend
Scope cover People mag used the same pic flipped but less cropped in a different issue From the Playgirl calendar 1979 Familiar image albeit flipped on this 1977 Australasian Post cover From a 1977 edition of the Australian mag Pix People With Slade's Noddy Holder - better pic as from March 2012 Evidently this is Swedish Gunilla Svenson and her hobbies!
Swedish mag Se with the same marvellous pic on the cover as Finnish mag Ratto shown above Very nice paperback book cover Just a tiddler From Personas From Personas From Playlady From Personas - Bev looks particularly fetching in her hat From Playlady
From Personas From Personas - Wow! Catalogue pic Weekend cover - from the same shoot as an LP cover above Aussie post- same pic as already posted above, but flipped Smile! Cover of South African mag Scope
Athletic Another shoot with Henry Cooper Clima cover
From cover of weekend magazine Australian magazine under the name of Pilton Spanish magazine Playlady Spanish magaine Playlady Swedish magazine Fib Aktuellt
From the Australian People magazine - see immediately below for the text of the article.

Here's half of the Australian People magazine article which went with the photo immediately above on the left - I haven't included the half relating to the late Angie Layne.

The Glamour Goddesses

To strip or not to strip…this week we take a further look at the world of glamour modelling as seen by the models themselves. Angie says she’s a shy girl but posing topless doesn’t worry her. Beverley has often been asked to get her gear off, but steadfastly refuses.

The only thing Beverley flashes as a model is her dazzling smile

Beverley Pilkington was the one glamour model who never had to flash more than her dazzling smile. She’s steadfastly refused to go topless – yet still became a Page 3 favourite.

“As far as I know I was the only girl who managed to get away with it”, says the 26-year-old blonde. “from the moment that I first walked into a studio the pressure was always on me to strip off. But although I did think about it once or twice I knew deep down that I would never me happy with myself if I gave in.”

“I’m a bit prudish about it, I suppose. I have nothing against it in principle – it’s just that I could never feel comfortable doing it.”

Adds Beverley: “posing for any kind of glamour shots – even when I was covered up – never came easy for me. I always felt a bit silly sticking my boobs and bum out. And although sitting around in a wet shirt is all right on a beach in the Caribbean it’s not much fun when you are in a cold studio.

“After a fairly short time I got fed up with it and made up my mind to stop doing glamour altogether and concentrate instead on fashion and advertising.

“It may not be so well-paid and there’s no star billing – a lot of people think I’ve given up modelling altogether just because they don’t see me on Page 3 any more – but I’m much happier.”

As a model Beverley became a success overnight – or, to be exact, over lunch. She was 20 and working as a computer operator when a photographer friend persuaded her to go to a modelling agency.

“I went along one day in my lunch hour. I really didn’t expect anything to come of it - it was just a bit of fun and we all had a good laugh about it in the office that afternoon.

“But the next day the agency had a full-day booking for me and before I knew what was happening I found myself modelling raincoats in Leicester.

“I'll never forget it because I really had no idea what I was doing. Luckily they sent two very experienced girls along with me. Very shortly after that I got my first glamour bookings and found myself posing on the beach in the South of France.”

Translated from the Spanish, here's the blurb from Beverley's feature in Diez Minutos:

"Ten Minutes" Girl of the Week: Beverley Pilkington

About twenty years ago in a town on the south coast of England, Southend-on-Sea, this beauty called Beverley Pilkington was born. But until a few months ago her talent was hidden in the obscurity of a London company which exported dolls - until one good day a photographer with a studio in Carnaby Street, who frequently walked around outside in search of new faces, discovered Beverley. Immediately, engaging her in conversation, the photographer persuaded Beverley to enter the world of modelling.

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She was featured in a September 1976 edition of Reveille - if you have that please let me know!

Beverley's now in her early sixties, and told me via email that she retired from modelling (what is now) three decades ago - doesn't time fly?

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